About SPARK Recreation Services

SPARK Recreation Services has been creating regular opportunities for children and young people to become involved in recreational activities like arts & craft, sports, dance, event management, robotics etc. to help promote creativity, confidence, social connections, enhance cognitive skills. These programs have been running successfully in K-12 schools across India since more than a decade.

Recreation is essential to the development of children and youth:

  • It encourages creativity through play and arts/cultural activities.
  • It helps enhance motor skills through play and sports.
  • It helps develop social skills through play and sports and stimulate participation in community life.
  • It develops intellectual capacities and concepts through play - and many other life skills.
  • Recreation provides the opportunity for children to develop their full and holistic potential.
  • Recreation and arts build self-esteem and positive self-image.
  • It helps achieve increased productivity and decreased absenteeism.

We aim to develop these recreational activities; a way for children to express themselves creatively in a safe environment. We believe that this initiative will help us break geographical barriers and go global.


For Contact : info@sparkrecreation.edu.in
For Careers : careers@sparkrecreation.edu.in